Subject ado error
Author Hellen Huang
dear all

first of all i want to sorry if my question is look very stupid.
i want to upgrade my app. from using IB6 to FB 1.0, for that i make a test.
i make a new form add 1 ado control and 2 textbox,
i create a system dsn odbc named "test.firebird" using firebird using
firebird/interbase(r) driver,
then i set the ado control to use the "test.firebird" , i set the
recordsource section to :
commantype = "adcmdtable", table or stored procedure = "person" (fyi, i can
list the table at properties page and i point to "person" table).
the problem is when i want to bind the textbox to adocontrol, when i want to
select a field it yield "unspecified error".
fyi, if i use odbc driver that come from delphi 5 cd no error come. So i
think this is odbc driver problem, but i don't have enough information about