Subject Firebird User security
Author Don Gollahon
What would be a good way to implement user security (logins, etc) on a FB
web database? I need each user to have their own login and for me to have
admin login. If I am not the owner of the host server how can I control
user logins, etc, without having the sysdba info? I don't think it is
possible in FB. Why is FB's user security server specific. Why wasn't it
created database specific so each database can be controlled by a separate
administrator if need be. Sysdba could be a superuser though.

I guess I could make my name in the database a grant to ALL plus execute so
I would be sort of the administrator of that DB. Then give myself the grant
privilege. But I still wouldn't be able to add user logins which I would
need. Am I left to designing a password/security database within my app?
Seems like this should be part of FB's design.

I'm fairly new to using fancy FB security. I've only used the basic
security methods in the past.



Don Gollahon