Subject wait or upgrade
Author Elisabeth Harmon
During the past couple of years I have written many gdb's with Interbase 5.6
for an NT 4.0 server. D4 and D5 hooked up with IBX provided the access both
inhouse and on the net (.dll's). It worked: solid and fast.

I am starting another year-long project. Question is, do I upgrade now,
switch in the middle, or wait a year. Firebird is talking about v2,
Interbase v7. Delphi seems to change every yearend. It's upgrade doesn't
seem to have much attractive this year. And yet I do prefer to keep somewhat
current in case I encounter a need for support. What would be the advantage
of switching now?

Seems like, the last time I thought of upgrading, my existing 5.6 .gdb's
would have to be converted in order to reside on the same server. Is this
still true?
I appreciate your comments.

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