Subject remote connections and "broken port" message in interbase.log
Author sllflanagan
We are using IB OE with BDE 5.0.1 on Win2K server.
There are 5 services (delphi 5,6) on the server and four
remote connections via RF network.

Once a week we see a connected user that doesn't exist and the OAT
stops incrementing. The interbase.log file has :

IPS-BASB (Server) Fri May 10 11:15:58 2002
WNET/wnet_error: WriteFile errno = 109

IPS-BASB (Server) Fri May 10 11:15:58 2002
SERVER/process_packet: broken port, server exiting

Recovery is by backup/restore.

The recent Firebird bug list has two enties (451914,451915) that
address the issue. One is listed as a "requested feature" in the
FIrebird Open Features Request list.
I would like to have it considered a bug and have its priority
increased so it would get fixed in the near future. We are an
industrial user and making the database reliable is critical to our

Is there anything I can do now that can mitigate or eliminate this
Thanks in advance.