Subject Re: [ib-support] Firebird Backups with Sweep
Author mgastde

stevelw02 wrote:
> The original table, before deletions, took an average of 25 minutes
> to fully backup. The modified table has, so far, taken some 30 hours
> and, extrapolating the current rate forward, looks like it will take
> a further 14-16 hours to complete.

Its the same with our databases. We could speed it up the backup process
by disabling (!) the database sweep. If you do a backup with a
subsequent restore to build up a brand new DB, you do not need to switch
on the sweep option for your backup. Only the actual version of each
record is stored in your backup. I'm not quite sure what's happening,
when you do not build up a new DB.

As a result, we switched of the sweep completely and do now at least
once a week a restore into a new database. This is much faster, if you
are deleting a lot of records.