Subject Transactions with Interbase and PHP
Author Xavier Solé

I don't know if this is the rigth list for this question. If it isn't excuse
me, please.

I am developing a website with PHP 4 and Interbase 6.0 (now moving to
Firebird) under Linux Mandrake 8.0. In one script I need to do many (more
than 5000, say) insertions on different tables, and if there is some error
(due to the user input, for instance) all the process must be "rollbacked".
My problem is that I use the PHP instruction "ibase_trans" at the beginning
of the script and "ibase_rollback" when I find an error, but then I go to the
database and see that the previous insertions are not deleted (so the concept
of the transaction is not accomplished). What is the problem? Am I doing the
transaction management correctly?

Thanks for everything,


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