Subject Re: Slow connection to databases in Firebird 1.0
Author kensmithzzz
> At 05/08/2002 04:37 PM, you wrote:
> >On my XP Home server: Connect always takes 7 to 15 seconds.
> >Disconnect always takes about 7 seconds.
> Do you have an anti-virus running on your system? And if so, do
you have
> it set to scan all files or just specific file extensions.

Excellent idea, but no go. I am running Norton Antivirus, and I
suspected it early on. I had tested it then with NAV's Auto-Protect
disabled, but just to be sure, I just clean-booted XP via MSCONFIG.
Even when the only services running are Firebird Server and the
mandatory Remote Procedure Call service, I get this behaviour.

While I was at it, I uninstalled Firebird, and re-installed.
I then tried Firebird 0.9.4, and Interbase 6.01. They all do
the same thing, some slower than others. Interbase 6.01 was taking
about 25 seconds to connect. In each case, once connected all seems

I'm beginning to suspect some sort of hardware issue, as this is a
brand-new box. One other thing I neglected to mention earlier:
There's nothing suspicious in interbase.log, in case you were
wondering. Nor in the XP Event Log.

Thanks for your efforts, -Ken-