Subject Re: Abnormail Termination
Author mivi71dk
> > I hope that someone can help me, since I'm getting a lot of calls
> > from very angry customers.
> My customers understand that they have to help when this
> sort of problem appears. Just shouting means that it takes
> longer to identify what is causing a problem ( and I chage
> them more <g> )

The same here.
I just got scared, that the DB was totally crashed.

> > I tried copying my DB file to a machine running Firebird Version
> > and
> > another running IB 6.
> > All gave same result.
> ??? Are you saying that the database is now corrupt and
> can't be use

If I do a Backup --> Restore it works fine.
On all version.

But if I DO NOT do a Backup --> Restore it doesn't work on EITHER IB