Subject Re: [ib-support] Problems with a date field in a query
Author Nick Upson
although it displays as mm/dd/yyyy it is not stored that way if the field is
a date.

To achieve what you describe you can do:
SELECT * from my_table
WHERE my_date_field < '03/01/2002' AND my_date_field >= '02/01/2002'

>From: Xavier Sol´┐Ż <x.sole@...>
>I have a table with a field which is a date, and now I want to make a query
>that returns all the rows in which the month of this field is March (for
>example). The date is stored in the mm/dd/yyyy format. I have tried this:
>SELECT * from my_table
>WHERE my_date_field LIKE '03%'
>But it doesn't work (the query returns 0 rows). How can I do it?
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