Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: Feature Request for FB 2.0
Author Daniel Rail
At 05/04/2002 02:08 PM, you wrote:
>If I recall correctly, the original issue was about adding domain in
>trigger/stored procedure parameters and variables.
>In the Firebird_v1_OpenFeatures.html file I've found:
>446246 Domain for SP parameters Feature request
>Allow domains to be used in the definition of the input/output parameters
>of SPs.
>446245 Domain for Trigger/SP variables Feature request
>Allow domains to be applied to variables within a trigger or SP.
>So those issues are under "feature request" somewhere. Should they be on
>the FB sourgeforce site too?

They are already there. What you see in Firebird_v1_OpenFeatures.html is
from FB Sourceforge.

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