Subject Re: [ib-support] Two problems/questions with GBAK
Author Joe Martinez
> I'm not using the return value from GBak. I ask for help with this
> ERRORLEVEL code too, but - sorry - I don't remember what where the results.

This would be ideal. If I could just get a YES/NO answer if it was successful,
that would be good.

> Also I had some problems to get an ASCII file with the error messages, but
> Carlos Macao give me this help. If you want all error messages in a file I
> can give this to you.

Yes, I would appreciate this greatly! Also, if you don't mind sharing your
parsing logic, it would help a lot.

Another question:

Are you using WinExec to call GBAK? I have the problem that WinExec returns
immediately after it calls GBAK, even though GBAK is still running. How do you
know when GBAK is done?