Subject Re: [ib-support] Two problems/questions with GBAK
Author Lucas Franzen
Joe Martinez schrieb:

> 2) I believe I read in a previous post, that in Windows, you could read
> the return value from GBAK to see if the backup was successful or not.
> When I call WinExec, I always get the same return value (33), whether
> the backup was successful or not. According to the Win32 reference, a
> return code greater than 31 means success, but I'm guessing that that's
> only telling me that it successfully called GBAK. It seems to be saying
> nothing about the actual return code from GBAK. How can I get that?


As far as I remember I was able to redirect the errors from isql.exe to
a file (sth. like "2>errorfile_name" - thus writing the output of the
"error-channel" to a specific file). This was working with NT (but not
win98, maybe because the error-channel is used by the OS all the time

So maybe you can give gbak a try to do the same.