Subject Threads and GDS32.dll
Author ryanb486

I've been having trouble trying to find any clear documentation on
threading issues relating to the use of the interbase client library.
The API Guid makes no mention as far as i can see of how multi
threaded apps should use the api.

I've read somewhere that it is safe if each thread uses its own
connection. Does anyone know if this is correct?

If So - Should I ensure that only one thread at a time calls in to
isc_attach_database - And if so is it then safe to call the other api
function on mutiple threads simultaniously if each different thread
is passing a different connection handle OR should I ensure that all
api methods are only called on one thread at a time ?

Or maybe its not safe to call into the library on multiple threads at
all - in which case should I make all calls on a single thread
and 'thunk' them across from other threads.

Any infomation would be greatly appreciated.