Subject Re: Sarting with Firebird on WinXP C++
Author d2denis
--- In ib-support@y..., Paul Reeves <paul@f...> wrote:

> >f:\progra~1\firebird\lib\gds32_ms.lib : fatal error LNK1106: > >
> >There is still this error "cannot seek to 0x3c8839c4"
> >looking like a corrupted file ?
> >
> A quick search in google suggests this may be the problem:
> This problem has also been observed when using Visual Studio 5,
> which was running without any Visual Studio service pack
> applied.
> When using Visual Studio 5 this error can be caused by an
> internal bug in Visual Studio. In this instance applying Visual
> Studio service pack 3 cured the problem.

Thank you a lot, I did search Google too but didnt find out this.
Yes I use Visual Studio 5 (alias Visual Studio 97)
and didnt know about service pack 3

So, this ok now, I can compile the examples and go on.

Thanks again.