Subject No permission for read/select access to table...
Author ezavalla
I've been using InterBase v6.01 for a time and I've found a problem
related to granting access rights for a stored procedure.
I've set up a database with several (about seven) tables for a very
specific application. Due to security concerns I've decided to avoid
user access to tables, and replace it with stored procedures access.
So, as usual, users are only allowed to execute stored procs, and
they are allowed to access tables.
I've developed different stored procs which insert, update, delete
and select records from a single table, and I've granted them only
the required access rights (I, U, D, S respectively).
The stored procs doing select and insert operations works fine,
however, delete and update operations fails with the error "No
permission for read/select access to table <table name>". Because
delete and insert statments have a WHERE... clause, so I added them
the SELECT right (?) and the delete operation now works, but the
update op. still fails with the same error.
I'm using W2000 Professional SP2, and I've executed the procedures
from IBConsole and from the app. by using the InterClient driver,
both logged as the user whith execute rights for the procedures. In
both cases the error is the same.

Can anybody help me?
Thanks in advance.