Subject RE: [ib-support] Feature Request for FB 2.0
Author Daniel Rail
At 04/30/2002 04:27 PM, you wrote:
>While also true, given that adding it to the Bug Tracker, I would prefer
>that the discussion take place and then I would log it as appropriate.
>Using the Bug Tracker actually creates more, in the long run for me.
>I follow the appropriate FB/IB lists/newsgroups and do send notes when a
>topic/feature is 'worthy' of addition to the Feature/Bug list.

Thanks for the clarification. But, sometimes it can be hard to monitor
everything. Just an example, a discussion happened at the beginning of
April regarding a possible bug when connecting using UNICODE_FSS. Ann did
mention that she would look into it, but nothing was heard since then, so I
decided to add it to the bug tracker to make sure that it wouldn't be lost
in all of the thread of messages that were going on at the time. We were 2
programmers that experienced this problem on 2 different operating
systems(Linux and Windows).

I appreciate greatly the work you do for Firebird, but one person can do so
much. And, I do prefer, like you said, to discuss a feature or bug before
posting it to the bug tracker(if you didn't do it).

Again, thank you for the great work you contribute.

Daniel Rail
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