Subject RE: [ib-support] Feature Request for FB 2.0
Author Leyne, Sean
> ... It is nice to discuss it first, but sometimes, it's good to
> enter the request somewhere where it wouldn't be forgotten. Also, by
> entering it in the Bug Tracker, all the developers see it and
> sometimes discuss it on the Firebird developers group.

While also true, given that adding it to the Bug Tracker, I would prefer
that the discussion take place and then I would log it as appropriate.

Using the Bug Tracker actually creates more, in the long run for me.

I follow the appropriate FB/IB lists/newsgroups and do send notes when a
topic/feature is 'worthy' of addition to the Feature/Bug list.

Sean Leyne

There is nothing wrong with Interbase,
that can't be fixed with Firebird.