Subject Firebird transactions and BDE
Author Krzysztof Dyczkowski
I'd like to ask you for pointing out a good source of information concerning
mutual relations between Borland BDE and the Firebird server.
I have no clearness which side handles the transactions and how it's done.
First of all, there are two ways of opening and closing transactions
in the Delphi code: one is to use TDatabase.StartTransaction and
TDatabase.Commit/Rollback sequence, the other is to pass a direct START
TRANSACTION SQL statement to the server and a direct COMMIT/ROLLBACK.
I'm looking for a fairy detailed explanation in what way they differ.
Next, there are three SQLPASSTHRU modes, which can be set in the BDE
I would like to know in what way they affect handling of transactions.
I assume there's no point in using direct transactions with SHARED
AUTOCOMMIT, but I might be wrong - all because I don't really know who
actually handles
the transactions.
In addition, there are several BDE driver flags, which also affect
the way BDE cooperates with the server and a detailed description of
the meaning of those flags would be appreciated as well.
Finally, I'd like to be advised what the best way of handling Firebird
transactions from within the Delphi code using BDE is.
If anyone knows a good source of information related to those subjects,
please let me know about it as both BDE and Firebird documentations are too
brief to help me solve my problems.

Thanks in advance


Krzysztof Dyczkowski

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