Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: Trigger propagation across databases
Author Entrebytes S.L.
First , Thanks to all the ppl who has readed my original post.
Next , in order
Andrew : Thanks for the advice. But seems that an ad-hoc replication tool
will do me no good. The transient nature of the shared tables is the
handicap. Moreover , some of the databases may be during long periods
isolated in networks without communication ..just a nigthmare. I'm just
doing a tailored solution for this one. But the question remains. I can
think of some application of transient one-sided and/or two-sided
replication over two or more databases

Daniel : I would be very glad to find that wish-list , but i cant find the
page. Would you be so kind to point me ? I'm more than willing to share my
bag of tricks there.

Hugo : No , my name is Javier Rodríguez. I gave up with IBO. Is a fine
toolbag , but not really what i needed nor really open source. FIBRE project
aims to JAVA , that i abjured years ago after my graduation project and
besides , is today just that , a project , without any visible work done.

Helen : I was aware of the commercial nature of IBReplication , but thanks
anyway for your kindly advice and valuable counsel.

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