Subject Thinking about FB...
Author jhayesmedware
We're a critical 24x7 starting down the road of converting a lot of
TTable apps to an integrated 3 tier, (probably using kbm). We
previously were planning on using SQL2K, but are looking at FB

1. Cross platform.
2. We have one main large site and several dozen very small
distributed sites. FB would allow us to keep code base the same. I
know there's MSDE, but I can't trust MS won't change licensing.
3. We'd have to "roll our own" replication anyway, because we can't
afford SQL2K enterprise.

Some questions:
1. Is there a solid ODBC driver available? Cost?
2. I'm concerned about "backup and restore" as standard procedure.
How often will this need to be done?
3. Assuming proper DB design, what other issues will affect our 24x7

My biggest concern is much less resources (books, articles, etc.) for
FB than 2k. If all works, it's obviously OK, just part of that "you
never get fired for buying IBM" issue. Taking the road less
traveled is sometimes risky ;)

Anyway, thanks for the thoughts,