Subject Can't compile a sp that uses a UDF
Author GreatDayDan
Good Morning!

Now that I know HOW to use a UDF from FreeUDFLib, I
find that some of my servers complain that they cannot
find the dll (BLR offset error, or somthing like

I am using NT 4, FB 1...796(?). We have a
production, a development and a report server. The db
gets copied to the dev & rep servers every day.

I can get the F_CRLF UDF to work on my dev server
but not on the other two. FreeUDFLib.dll is in the
Firebird/UDF folder on all servers.

The dev server has a SYSTEM Interbase environment
variable and has %Interbase% included in the path. The
other servers did not.

I added it to the report server and rebooted. When
I try to compile the sp using F_CRLF, I still get the
error message.

Did I miss something? What else do I need to do to
be able to use UDF's?


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