Subject Re: Help! server hung with these log entries
Author unclejung
--- In ib-support@y..., Aage Johansen <aagjohan@o...> wrote:
> unclejung wrote:
> > Firebird RC2 hung several times the last few weeks. It wrote
> > entries to the log file, and max out the CPU. System: Windows
> > 1 GB RAM, plenty of free drive space. SUBS.GDB has been
> > backed up, and restored, but didn't change the behavior - same
> > symptom before and after. Sweeping is disabled. Gstat didn't
> > any problem. Any idea? Here are the log entries. The second
> > repeat a dozen times.
> >
> > DB2 (Server) Thu Apr 18 08:19:29 2002
> > Database: D:\DATA\SUBS.GDB
> > operating system directive gds__sys_alloc failed
> > unable to allocate memory from operating system
> > DB2 (Server) Thu Apr 18 08:19:29 2002
> > Database: D:\DATA\SUBS.GDB
> > internal gds software consistency check (Non-zero
> > of a buffer in the empty que (301))
> I cannot offer any help, but a few questions:
> Are you running anything on the server (apart from Fb/RC2)?
> Could you try Fb/1.0?
> What is page size and cache size? 1GB RAM should be much more
than a
> single Fb database can use (10.000 pages of 8KB pages just makes
about 80MB).
> How much RAM is in use on the server? How much does Fb use?
(Memory use as
> seen by TaskManager may not be very accurate, but maybe close
> Can you pinpoint what your program is doing when this occurs?
> Regards,
> Aage J.

Page size = 8192
cache size = default setting for all databases
memory use is about 400 MB when the server hung. I have many
databases being access at the time so I can't really pinpoint what
was happening at the time. Whatever it was, these processes would
run fine for a week or a few days doing the same things over and
over when this happens.