Subject Re: Help! server hung with these log entries
Author Aage Johansen
unclejung wrote:
> Firebird RC2 hung several times the last few weeks. It wrote these
> entries to the log file, and max out the CPU. System: Windows 2000,
> 1 GB RAM, plenty of free drive space. SUBS.GDB has been verified,
> backed up, and restored, but didn't change the behavior - same
> symptom before and after. Sweeping is disabled. Gstat didn't reveal
> any problem. Any idea? Here are the log entries. The second entry
> repeat a dozen times.
> DB2 (Server) Thu Apr 18 08:19:29 2002
> Database: D:\DATA\SUBS.GDB
> operating system directive gds__sys_alloc failed
> unable to allocate memory from operating system
> DB2 (Server) Thu Apr 18 08:19:29 2002
> Database: D:\DATA\SUBS.GDB
> internal gds software consistency check (Non-zero use_count
> of a buffer in the empty que (301))

I cannot offer any help, but a few questions:
Are you running anything on the server (apart from Fb/RC2)?
Could you try Fb/1.0?
What is page size and cache size? 1GB RAM should be much more than a
single Fb database can use (10.000 pages of 8KB pages just makes about 80MB).
How much RAM is in use on the server? How much does Fb use? (Memory use as
seen by TaskManager may not be very accurate, but maybe close enough).
Can you pinpoint what your program is doing when this occurs?

Aage J.