Subject Re: [ib-support] LARGE DB
On Tue, 23 Apr 2002 16:58:11 +0200
|No, our setup isn't quite similar - just a couple of databases of 1Gb.
|Exactly what should be reported within one hour? Hopefully not printing 400
|000 pages of information...
]- of cource not :").

|>How long bulk insert takes.. do U have some measuraments ? (with
|>indexes off/on, autocommit off ofcource)
|Well, you don't say how big each record is, but it shouldn't take very
|long. Probably a few minutes. As for indexes, just make sure they have high
|selectivity and try turning them off if things go too slow (but I doubt you
|will have any trouble).

]- the record size is around 500 bytes

|>Question 2.
|>For the Delphi-FB-report-generation which Connection-technology u >propose
|! BDE
|>!! the new Delphi6 ?

|I'd recommend IBO with FastReport. Haven't used FastReport myself, but have
|heard positive things about it. And IBO is a brilliant tool winning the
|Delphi Informants Best Database Connectivity Award every year. I think
|ReportBuilder is the best alternative to FastReport.

]- ok.. i will not use Reports modules, but will generate .xls files (with another VCL component)..