Subject LARGE DB

I will have the following scenario ..
DB that will grow up to 10GB.
Report generation (concurent users 1 - 5 maximum). (This I expect to be heavy task, it should finish in maximum ~1hour from the start of the generation)
bulk inserts once a month ~400 000

Any ideas, someone with similar setup.
Does FB can handle easly this load on a powerfull computer ?
What configuration u propose ?
How long bulk insert takes.. do U have some measuraments ? (with indexes off/on, autocommit off ofcource)
whatever that come in your mind as recomendation ?

Question 2.
Currently I think to do bulk-insert via Perl-DBI ? Data is transffered from Oracle DB --> FB .. What do u think.
The report generation will be probably in Delphi ...
Any idea how to connect to Oracle from Delphi (i haven't done that up to now) ?
For the Delphi-FB-report-generation which Connection-technology u propose ! BDE !! the new Delphi6 ?

thanx in advance