Subject RE: [ib-support] who have experience of using UNICODE_FSS with firebird
Author Daniel Rail
At 04/22/2002 11:28 PM, you wrote:
>It is great that I found out somesone what have experience with UNICODE. I
>tried several ODBC and OLEDB driver. I still cannot store UNICODE into the
>table. I have created a simple table like this:
>Create table UniSample {
> iKey integer unique key primary key,
> uChar1 VarChar(50) Character Set UNICODE_FSS,
> uChar2 VarChar(50) Character Set UNICODE_FSS
>My objective is to use ADO.NET to work with Firebird in UNICODE. What
>driver are you using?

Unfortunately, I don't use OLE DB nor ODBC. I use IB Objects with Delphi,
which makes a direct connection to the API.

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