Subject JBDC to Firebird - Commit error in threads
Author Thomas Fischer

I have an exception during inserting several data lines (several insert
statements) into a database
with a single 'commit' statement in a parallel process (thread).
On JDBC Client to an Oracle 9i server it's working fine. Does anyone know a
hint ?
May be there is a jdbc version which worked with a 'commit' in a thread ?

I paste my database and jdbc client information. It's an Firebird server
final release with the latest firebird jdbc
version 2.0.1

Thanks for help :-)

----------- Here the Exception: ----------------------------------
java.lang.RuntimeException: [interclient] Bug detected.
Please send mail to interclient@...
Refer to bug code 10019.
See API reference for exception interbase.interclient.BugCheckException,
DATA) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?, ?) at
intellicare.monica.frontend.dbtools.datagen.datalink.datalinkimpl.dalisimple at
intellicare.monica.frontend.dbtools.datagen.consumer.DataConsumer.consume(Da at

----------- Thats my Interclient: ---------------------------------
Middleware JDBC/Net server name: InterServer
Middleware JDBC/Net server version: 2.0.1 Test Build
Middleware JDBC/Net server protocol version: 20001
Middleware JDBC/Net server expiration date: no expiration date
Middleware JDBC/Net server port: 3060

----------- Thats my Firebird Server: -----------------------------
Database product name: InterBase
Database product version: WI-V6.2.794 Firebird 1.0
Database ODS version: 10.0
Database Page Size: 4.096 bytes
Database Page Allocation: 638 pages
Database Size: 2.552 Kbytes
Database SQL Dialect: 3

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