Subject Re: [ib-support] About post_event
Author Helen Borrie
I wrote:
> > What I still don't know (and am interested to find out) is whether *each*
> > event goes through its own port, or whether the first listened-to event
> > causes an "event port" to be opened for that particular connection, and
> > client lib channels them all through this port subsequently.
> >

At 03:40 PM 21-04-02 +0300, Pirtea Calin wrote:

>My netstat on linux SUSE 7.3 show only one connection for all events on
>first user port (my case 1024), and one for gds_db(3050).
>Since i have several ib_event on my app i guess the answer is one connection
>for all events.

Can you run two instances of your client and check what happens then?


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