Subject ISQL connection pausing other apps?
Author Michael Grabinski
We have an application that populates a Firebird 1.0 database running on
Linux based on the contents of various file system directories. The app is
written in Java and uses JDBC through Interclient 2.0.1.

If you make a connection to the DB with ISQL while the app is running, it
will pause while waiting for a SELECT statement to execute. If ISQL is
closed, the SELECT statement will immediately return its results. Strangely
enough, INSERT statements are not affected by the opening of an ISQL

Also, we are using JavaExchange's connection broker, so connections are
established when the program starts. If ISQL is opened before the app is
executed, the app will pause while attempting to open a connection to the
database. Once again, if ISQL is closed the app will continue immediately.

Interbase Workbench does not cause this behavior. Xinetd is set to allow
unlimited connections to the interserver process. I do not believe we are
limiting the number of database connections.

Does ISQL open a connection with exclusive access to the db? What could be
causing this behavior?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.