Subject Re: [ib-support] OT: Group ettiquette ... Threads

Just to complete the calculations -

> The result is that this list alone generated 936,000,000 Bytes of
> traffic alone.

A 45MBs link has a capacity of 300Mb per minute, so that
traffic only takes up 3 or 4 minutes of the month, and with
correct forwarding, even that load should be reducable. Some
ISP's offer package where they charge per 100Mb of download
- a nice little earner?
My main complaint is the bandwidth that 'I' am using to
handle the additional advertising material that yahoo are
piggy backing at times.

> Personally, I would prefer to have Yahoo spend their money on
> provisioning the net connection and managing the server and the traffic,
> at least for the moment.

They are treading a fine line - on the IBO list Jason paid
to get the advertising taken off, but even that has not
helped. I would not mind paying for a spam free service but
yahoo are not offering that, and I think the way they have
changed the methods of working means that while eGroups
could have provided that service ( and I understood that was
what they were planning before yahoo's offer ), yahoo's
online service is now pure advertising with the message
hidden somewhere, and the offline service is also suffering.

> Right now, this list performs so fast that it is like a chat forum...
> remember what the old Mers list was like near the end (send post now,
> wait 6 hours to see it on the list...)

I still suffer from delays, but probably eMail traffic just
being held up at times. British Telecom can take hours to
transfer an eMails at times.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services