Subject RE: [ib-support] OT: Group ettiquette ... Threads
Author Leyne, Sean

> If I could get a broadband connection here I'd provide the
> service myself <g>

I have access to a very high speed connection (45Mb/s) but we do the
math, we talking about a lot of traffic.

This list has 973 members, let's say that 50% of them use my news mirror
and the remainder use it as regular list, so 480 mail destinations.

For the last 3 month, this list has handled 1300 message (on average)
per month.

Let's also say that each message was about 1-2KB in size, let round it
to 1500bytes.

The result is that this list alone generated 936,000,000 Bytes of
traffic alone.

Personally, I would prefer to have Yahoo spend their money on
provisioning the net connection and managing the server and the traffic,
at least for the moment.

Right now, this list performs so fast that it is like a chat forum...
remember what the old Mers list was like near the end (send post now,
wait 6 hours to see it on the list...)