Subject re: Problems connecting using UNICODE_FSS
Author Daniel Rail
At 10/04/2002 07:59 AM, you wrote:
> > >You should be using W9x, then. Actually, on WinNT, I cause FB to hang in a
> > >closed loop and Task Manager kills it in seconds. There almost nothing
> that
> > >NT cannot kill (some critical drivers and services may be a problem).
> > >However, for what I've seen, W2K again hangs in some cases like W9x.
> >
> > I exclusively use Windows 2000.
>I'll second Claudio's comment - W2k has yet to pass our
>stability testing - we still use NT4 on sites. The thing
>that seems to cause a problem is if a network fault causes
>W2k to 'change' it's bindings so that an active route is
>messed up. The database connection sometimes needs a windows
>restart to clear it, while NT4 only needs a ibserver
>stop/start. Havn't tested XP yet!

In that case the same could be said of Mandrake 8.2 and Red hat
7.1. Vinicius reported the original problem on those 2 platforms. I
simply tested it with what I had and it was Windows 2000 with FB

Here's the original message sent on April 4, 2002:

"I have try to make this SQL an the SERVER STOP!!!


Firebird Server 1.0 769
Pentium 4 512 MB Ram
Mandrake 8.2
Firebird Server 1.0 769
AMD K6-2 550 128 Ram
Red Hat 7.1

In the 2 computers - CRASH...

Thanks Vinicius"

The connection is made using the character set UNICODE_FSS.

Have a nice day.

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