Subject Re: FREE IB/FB db model viewer
Author Milan Babuskov
Hi all,

I was just browsing Borland newsgroups, and found this other tool that does the same thing (and even more), and it's free, and it's open sourced. I have tried it with Firebird, and it works great. It has options to create tables, views, etc. Perhaps we should talk to Marcelo Lopez Ruiz and join the efforts, since his tool seems a bit more advanced. I think it would be a great OpenSource project.

Quoted from news:borland.public.interbase.thirdparty :
>IBRD is a tool I use to create diagrams to document my database
>structure. It is still unfinished, but it's quite useful.
>You can download it from the following URL. Note that the source code
>is provided, but building instructions are not yet available.


>Marcelo Lopez Ruiz

Milan Babuskov

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