Subject Re: [ib-support] Calling GBAK from my app
Author Frank Ingermann

do you have a direct link to that latest version of TIBBackup? i just
tried to search codecentral but no results, and it's incredibly sloooow
(from Germany at least).

Helen Borrie wrote:
> As a general thing (not just Delphi apps) watch out for security when you
> have user apps that can do admin tasks. It is all to easy to steal an
> IB/FB database by backing it up to an insecure machine (e.g. a Win9x or ME
> client) and restoring it elsewhere with full SYSDBA privs.

i thought Joe was looking for a solution on his local development machine -
probably didn't read carefully enough, sorry. For the reasons you stated,
i *never ever* allow *users* to do backups themselves. We use GBAKSched by
Mauro Barberi to schedule backups on the server, and no user has direct
access to that machine. (though luckily we never had a case where we would
have to restore because of a crash in the main gdb - it just works and
works and works and... :-)

> I prefer to put Admin tasks in a separate module and to be very picky about
> file access.
> cheers,
> Helen

tia & regards,

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