Subject Re: [ib-support] bug
Author Daniel Rail
At 04/04/2002 03:12 PM, you wrote:
>Issueing the following statement without problems:
>SELECT * FROM employee
>WHERE first_name LIKE 'รง%'
>Both IB 6.5 and FB1.0 - original 1.0 build

I think the problem is deeper than Firebird or IB. I'm thinking at the OS
level. I don't know the inner workings of FB or IB when it comes in
dealing with strings. Does FB or IB use OS level string settings or does
it bother what character set is being used? I tried with UNICODE_FSS. I
tried with QuickDesk and IB_SQL, just to make sure that the problem is
persistent and I can only shutdown FB by shutting down the whole system,
which doesn't make any sense. If the server is running as a service on
Windows, Windows can't even shutdown the service, unless you reboot the
system in this circumstance.

As Martijn stated, it works for him. But until now, we are two that this
problem occurs and on different operating systems.

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