Subject Re: [ib-support] Bug?
Author Daniel Rail

Just to add to Vinicius information.

I tried it myself on my system and a database that uses UNICODE_FSS for the
field char set. The server is using between 98% and 100% of the CPU time
in Windows 2000 and I can't even stop the server via the Windows service
manager, I'll have to reboot the whole system. And, the SELECT clause is
only prepared and not even executed, yet. The application that I was using
to test this was hanging, because it was waiting for a response from the
server, which it didn't get.

Hope this gives more insight to the problem. There's no place in the
documentation to indicate that these characters can't be used.

Daniel Rail
Senior System Engineer
ACCRA Med Software Inc. (

At 04/04/2002 02:58 PM, you wrote:
>I have try to make this SQL an the SERVER STOP!!!
>Firebird Server 1.0 769
>Pentium 4 512 MB Ram
>Mandrake 8.2
>Firebird Server 1.0 769
>AMD K6-2 550 128 Ram
>Red Hat 7.1
>In the 2 computers - CRASH...
>Thanks Vinicius