Subject Update: Crossed signals?
Author Joe Martinez
Ok everyone. I have solved the problem, and it was not an Interbase or BDE
problem. It was a logic flaw in my application. Jason was on the right track,
and it had to to do with how I was allocating my primary keys. Basically,
before doing the insert on table1, I would query the database to find the last
key used. Then, I would update table2 to reference table1's primary key.
Finally, I would do the insert on table1.

So, both clients were able to grab the same key for table1, and update table2
with the same key. Client 2's insert would fail, and table2 would have a
reference to the wrong product. I have fixed the logic, and things are working

Thank you all for your help with this problem. Sorry to have bothered the list
with this.


"Jason Chapman (JAC2)" wrote:

> How does your system allocate PK's on inserts?