Subject links database for new users
Author csswa
Hi all.

I've added a database table called FB/IB New Users to the database
section of the Group. Hope this is fine by the Moderators, and
apologies if I should have sought your permission first.

In there are 20 or so links that will get new users up and running in
a speedy fashion -- according to how keen they are to soak up online

Feel free to add your own links to IB/FB resources of interest to new
users. If you come across a general post topic that you believe is
clearly covered by one of the main interbase sites, point the user to
the Group database section. If the volume of resources available
there doesn't make them run away screaming then I'm sure they'll be
back later with the more refined "putting it all together"-type of
questions that *I'm* still in the process of asking.

Andrew Ferguson