Subject Connection to NT
Author Dion

My Clients do have an active connection to the NT server. They can log onto
the FB db server the first time. When they log on the second time, they get
the following error:-
"Unable to complete network request to Host 'NTSERVER'. Failed to establish
a connection."

Here is the config on one of the clients:-

Hosts file NTSERVER local host

Services file
gds_db 3050/tcp

I have the gds32.dll in the Windows subdirectory. Firebird is not running as
an app. Version(gds32.dll) is WI-T1.0.0.679


FB is running as a service on the server.
Product Version:- 1.00.679
File Version :- WI-T1.0.0.679
Special Build Description :- FB RC2

I added the same line in the servers services file(gds_db 3050/tcp..).

I can also see the server(ping it from the client). Trying the 'Diagnose
Connection' option in IBConsole using the TCPIP tab with 'NTSERVER' as the
server and TCPIP as the protocol, yields the following result:-
Attemption conn...
Socket for connection obtained.

Found Services 'GDS_DB' at 3050
Failed to connect to host 'NTSERVER'
on port 3050. Error Num 10035.

TCPIP commun...

I would really appreciate all the help I can get. This is my first server
installation, and I have obviously left a heck of a lot of configuration

Many Thanks,

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