Subject Firebird v1.0 and gbak
Author threedzsquared
I hope I'm not exposing my ignorance when I ask the following. Just
installed Firebird v1.0. Was running IB 5.6.

I backed up my database with the -t switch to backup using

Tried to restore this way...

gbak -r -p 4196 e:\fbdb\stars\stars.gbk e:\fbdb\stars\stars.gdb -USER

and I get the following....

gbak: opened file e:\ibdb\stars\stars.gbk
gbak: transportable backup -- data in XDR format
gbak: backup file is compressed
gbak: created database e:\fbdb\stars\stars.gdb, page_size 4196 bytes
gbak: started transaction
gbak: restoring domain BLOBFIELD
gbak: restoring domain CREATEDTE
gbak: ERROR: wrong DYN version
gbak: ERROR: gds_$create_blob_failed
gbak: Exiting before completion due to errors

Can someone shed some light on this?

Thank you in advance,

Michael Simmons
Vision Development Group, Inc