Subject Re: [ib-support] What's this mean
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
""Wilson, Fred"" <fred.wilson@...> wrote in message
> Mmmmmm, well, that does *not* appear to be the case (IB5.6).. I just
> d
> a restore (after dropping a database), and was able, with no problems, to
> log into the database (via WISQL) and do a select * from xxxx...

Maybe gbak was changed later because I can verify in code and in practice
that nobody apart from sysdba can log in while the db is being restored.

Was the db on a path with short names or not? I know a way you can log in
the same db twice and confuse the engine:
- userA creates db
- userB logs in before userA logs off (userA may be working with DDL or DML)
- engine sees two different connections.
This effect is the same if you replace userA by gbak.
I fixed that bug in FB but any IB still suffers from it.

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