Subject AW: [ib-support] Eventlog NT
Author Henner Kollmann
> >ibserver.exe dies if the eventlog is full!
> >
> >A2215-LEIT1 (Client) Mon Mar 25 11:54:11 2002
> >Unable to update NT Event Log.
> >OS Message: Die Ereignisprotokolldatei ist voll.
> >
> >Translation: The Eventlog is full
> >
> >A2215-LEIT1 (Client) Mon Mar 25 11:54:12 2002
> >Guardian starting: C:\Programme\borland\interbase\bin\ibserver.exe
> >
> >Will this happen under Firebird too?
> Is this the Windows event log? If it is, you can set it to overwrite
> events that are older than a certain number of days. Also,
> the NT/2000/XP
> event log is set for a maximum size and can be changed. If
> you are hitting
> the maximum size then I would suggest that you look at your
> settings and
> consider the event overwrite.

Yes it is the Windows event log. Yes, i know that i can settings to
overwrite entries if it is neccesary. But - i think isa is not nice of
ibserver.exe to die if it can not write into the eventlog...