Subject Re: [ib-support] Insufficient sql rights problem
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
"Nataraj S Narayanan" <nataraj@...> wrote in message
> I had to backup and restore a 45 Mb gdb ,after which when i execute the
> delphi/bde application I get a message

The first step to post a question is identifying the engine. Are you using
Interbase? Are you using Firebird? Which version and (if possible) which

> "Insufficient Sql rights for operation no permission for write access to
> column USER_ID"

The Firebird's isql has a command
that will list anything (excluding sysdba rights) and
to list only the rights to that object. Assuming USER_ID is on table T1, you
can do
show grants t1;
on your original and new db and see if something changed.

> Could it be due to any data corruption that an error which was not seen
> before
> backup and restore came up now?

Maybe, but who created the db, the same user that did the backup/restore?

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