Subject Re: Problems with gbak
Author Aage Johansen
Henner Kollmann wrote:
> > ...
> Some time? Are 10 hours enough time? Tested it overnight and after 10
> hours the engine is busy....

If you have long chains of duplicates in the indexes the GC will take a
VEEEERRRY long time (at least for your 2.5 mill records) - you will be
surprised. You will be able to detect this on a delete of the record or
update of the index field if you delete/update one of the first records
that were inserted - IB/Fb will have to search through the whole chain
before finding the item. Deleting/changing the last record that were
inserted should be instantaneous.
A remedy: Append the PK field to the indexed item (field + PK) which will
make the index unique - delete/update will be real quick.

Aage J.