Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: view generator
Author Helen Borrie
At 02:27 PM 21-03-02 +0000, you wrote:

> > As for what is giving you the error in IBConsole, it could be
> > anything.
>"Anything" is somewhat vague. Concrete suggestions would be most
>helpful to me. Perhaps someone would be so kind as to create the
>view that I have put forward here, and let me know what results they

At the risk of being accused of *berating* you again (I assume one is not
supposed to indicate when an unnecessary or foolish technique is being
used?), I thought it was clear from my comments that I had *done* your DDL
and your code and got the correct results.

You are using a client (IBConsole, could be any old version) that is highly
likely to throw unfounded errors with Firebird. Older versions of
IBConsole are highly likely to throw errors, period. As I commented, your
setup worked fine using two alternatives to IBConsole: isql (the native,
command line interactive query tool) and IB_SQL.

> > It might be fun to put an SQL Monitor over IBConsole's
> > query and see what it's doing to your statement. It works fine
> > in IB_SQL and ISQL.
>I really have no idea how to "put an SQL Monitor over IBConsole's
>query". How do I do this? What is an SQL Monitor, and how do I
>obtain one?

IBConsole has one. IB_SQL has one. Such a tool monitors the SQL statement
that the client passes across to the API. If you activated the monitor
when you are running your statements in IBConsole, you would see what error
the tool's parser was creating when it constructs the statement.

> > Anyway, this is a pretty useless sort of view to make, considering
> > that you can get exactly the same data back (and optionally push
> > up the generator value) via the plain ol' statement.
>Useless or not, I am trying to follow along with Marco Cantu on page
>677 of his "Mastering Delphi 6" (Sybex, 2001).

As often happens with book examples, they are given to demonstrate a
generic point, not necessarily to provide an optimal way to work SQL in a
specific database. This list is for Firebird and InterBase it
would be fairly surprising if people didn't offer comments and tips when
they see something like this...

>I know I am begging for help here, and I know that "beggars can't be
>choosers," but is it customary for responders to berate questioners
>on this list? Doesn't such behavior tend to make people fearful of
>posting both the initial question and any subsequent replies?

I hope not...I guess it depends what you expect from a support list. I'm
sure you are frustrated...and I apologise for your receiving the message in
a different spirit to that in which it was conveyed. In short, I could
have saved a lot of writing and misery if I had simply said, "Your example
works with other tools, it doesn't work with IBConsole and I can't tell you
why. And, in any case, you don't need a view to pull a value from a


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