Subject Re: AW: [ib-support] Problems with gbak
Author Ann W. Harrison
At 08:59 AM 3/21/2002 +0100, Henner Kollmann wrote:
>Found another solution: If i use gbak -GARBAGE_COLLECT everything works,
>i can backup the database.
>OK, some words of the data history:
>1. Inserts 2.500.000 records into the table
>2. Delete this 2.500.000 records
>3. Insert 4.500.000 record again
>After this i want to backup and restore the database to make a garbage
>collection. So the using gbak -g is ok in this case.
>But why do the engine hang while making an garbage collection in the

In the process of garbage collecting, it's looking at an old
record version that uses an out-of-date format that was corrupted
in some way.


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