Subject (REPOST) FB 1.0 and IB 6 incompatibilities
Author Daniel Rail

I've just hit a problem. I installed FB 1.0 final release on my system and
now I can't connect remotely with an IB 6 server. I get an AccessViolation
error in GDS32.DLL(under Win2000). I connect using IBO in my applications,
but I get the same error with QuickDesk, which uses FIB Plus.

Here's the error message that I get when in Delphi's IDE:
"ISC ERROR CODE:335544721
Unable to complete network request to host:"hostname or IP address"
Failed to establish a connection.
The system could not find the environment
option that was entered."

If I use the FB 1.0 RC2 GDS32.dll, I don't get this
error. Luckily I have 2 computers at my disposal to be able to do my work
in this manner. And, the remote server will not be upgraded at the moment
and it will only be upgraded in about 2-4 months when we will be rolling
out a new version of our software, which will include FB1.0.

What could cause this error?

Daniel Rail
Senior System Engineer
ACCRA Group Inc. (
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