Subject Re: [ib-support] FB 1.0 and GBAK problems
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
"Daniel Rail" <daniel@...> wrote in message
> This error pops up in an automated process at a given point that doesn't
> make sense to me. Here are the steps of the process in question:
> 1. Backup database
> 2. Make a copy of the database by using the copy command

I assume nobody is connected at this time.

> 3. Restore the database
> 4. Apply any changes that needs to be made to the database

Are you changing THAT table with your program?

> 5. Backup database <<----- This is where the error occurs

Gbak does in GDML the equivalent of SQL's
select field1, ..., fieldN from tbl;
but excluding computed fields. At this stage, try a plain
SELECT * from tbl;
with isql and see what happens. Do you get the same error message?

> The initial database in step 1 was created with IB 6 and backup is made
> transportable, then restored in FB 1.0 final release. Once the error
> occurs once, it persists time and time again for that GDB file.

And you don't get a problem if you do the whole process with IB6.0?

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