Subject Re: [ib-support] How to start FB when linux boots? (May be off topic - not sure)
Author Pavel Cisar

On 18 Mar 2002, at 21:01, Çaðatay Tengiz wrote:

> Now my question (and I do not if know this is the right place to ask, if not
> please redirect me), everytime I start my linux server I have to start FB
> server manually? How can I make it autostart when the linux starts?
> (Something equivalent to startup menu in windows?)

You use SuSE, right ? Well, rpm install contains initd script named
firebird that is installed to /etc/init.d/ directory. A shortcut script
rcfirebird is placed to your search path (resp. /usr/bin ), so you can
execute rcfirebird start or rcfirebird stop from any directory.

Startup at boot time is automatical on run levels 2, 3 and 5 (i.e.
every time you probably need :-) on RH, MDK and SuSE (and
probably others), but on SuSE it's also controlled by /etc/rc.config
file. There is a line (should be at the tail) with
START_FIREBIRD="no". Change it to START_FIREBIRD="yes"
(case is significant) or you can use a YaST2 GUI tool for this :-)
That's all.

Best regards

Pavel Cisar
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