Subject Re: [ib-support] IB 5.5
Author Paul Reeves
"Jason Chapman (JAC2)" wrote:
> > > May I use directly a 5.5 database with FB 1.0 ?
> >
> > Not recommended. Back it up under 5.5, install Fb1.0 and restore it to a
> > new location.
> Paul,
> Why is this not recommended, it would (unless there is a good reason why),
> be my upgrade path from 5.6 -> FB1.0. It gives the corporates the feeling
> that if there is a problem, that they could regress to 5.6.

It has never been recommended to directly use a database created by an
earlier version with a new server. And the recommended migration path
has always been 'backup with the original server, restore with the new
server'. This entirely protects the database from idiosyncrasies in the
new server.

The fact that Firebird can open older databases does not mean that it
should be used to do so. Of course I'd do it in development, but if it
was a production database I'd take the formal approach.

The escape routes are then
a) you have a good (and hopefully tested) backup of the database
that can be restored back to the IB5.6 server if something
has gone wrong.
b) you can attach to the new database with a v5.n client kit and
backup it up for later restore to a v5 server.

> For one of my sites it give the best of both worlds for the time
> being (BDE .....), they will hopefully be usign FB as a backup / replication
> server to demonstrate it can stay up and is happy with a lot of changes over
> an extended period of time.

I just don't follow this at all. Only one server can attach to the
database at a time. How can you use the two servers in parallel? What am
I missing?


Paul Reeves
taking InterBase further